Old Made New: A Thoughtful Renovation

July 30, 2013

Off the Grid

Miles from any town or city, in the western countryside of Spain, a beautiful old stable now lives as a gorgeous home, which perfectly melds an old stone exterior with a fresh and modern living space.

The once crumbling structure was renovated by the Madrid based design studio Ábaton, and turned into a self-sufficient family home, which runs completely off the grid. Too remote to be plugged into any municipal water or electric source, they had to make do with the resources available. The building is well situated to benefit from a passive solar heat gain, while two streams, running through the property have been set up to create hydro electricity, as well as water for drinking and bathing. There is also a swimming pool, which runs along-side the house, and doubles as irrigation tank.

The interior and surprisingly light filled, finished in a clean but modern style: A very nice example of taking an old building and breathing new life into it.

Off the Grid

off the grid

off the grid

Watch a video about it here:

Read more about it here >>

Date: Jul 30, 2013 Posted in: Blog Green Building Tags: green building, masonry, modern, sustainability

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