Allegrone at the 2017 Paul & Niki Tsongas Awards

May 30, 2017

PresMA Onota

A recap from our evening at the 2017 Paul & Niki Tsongas Awards.  We are incredibly proud that the Onota 74 Residences has won its category in Best Use- Housing. 


On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Preservation Massachusetts celebrated those projects that show the Power of Preservation and embody its true essence. Preservation is about more than just a building—it is about relationships, making the old new and relevant again, recycling, up-cycling and sustainability, breathing life back into our community centers and neighborhoods, providing services, and activating appreciation and pride in the places we call home. We must show that preservation is a tool that utilizes the past to make a better future. We as a collective industry, a movement and ambassadors of an ethic, are charged with demonstrating the power of preservation and dispelling the misconceptions and incorporate it as a permanent part of our 21st century thinking.

Pres MA

About our winning project:

The Onota Building restoration embodies the essence of the Power of Preservation; to make the old new and relevant again, and breathe life back into the community.  Now called Onota 74, the residence is regarded as a key player in reviving a city jaded by a declining population; the project met the untapped demand for market-rate apartments and brought a mix of young professionals, new families, and retired couples to make downtown their full-time home.

Together with the projected mix of uses (retail and residential), a very high level of sustainability, and the central downtown location; it is a unique and distinctive quality of live-work-shop choice that appeals to a broad demographic.  With unanimous support from the Pittsfield Community Development Board, the City of Pitssfield Mayor office and the critical Massachusetts public sector funding programs, Allegrone Companies were able to take a leap of faith for this adaptive reuse project converting the old underutilized building into 25 market-rate apartments and 8,000 square feet of storefront retail. The project utilized approximately $3.1 million dollars in State and Federal Historic Tax Credits and $800K in Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP) Tax Credits from The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. Total Developmental Costs are approximately $10 million dollars. 

The history of the building influenced a modern industrial interior through the use of exposed rustic finishes such as raw wood and metal ornamentation.  The industrial flair sought to bring back the various architectural expressions that once existed during the time of its construction in the mid- 20th century.  By combining modern style with historic influence, the Onota building provides a comfortable atmosphere of balance between the old and the new while utilizing sustainable materials and efficient systems.  As one of the tallest buildings along the main street, the building is a beacon for change with respect to the past.  


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Photo credit to Albie Colantonio Photography for Preservation Massachusetts

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