The Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Community Opens Its Doors!

September 22, 2017

"On behalf of the City of Agawam, welcome home." -  James P. Cichetti,  Agawam City Council President

Visitors gathered at the Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Community in Agawam to celebrate the  "End of Veteran Homelessness" where 51 veterans will soon call home.  

Soldier On, the Pittsfield-based nonprofit dedicated to ending veteran homelessness by providing permanent, supportive, sustainable housing, held a dedication ceremony Monday afternoon in light of the completed Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Community facility. 

The former Western Massachusetts Regional Police Academy had been transformed into affordable housing, which includes 49 partially furnished units in the renovated academy and two units in a new annex to the building. 


Read all about it! 

MassLive: Dedication ceremony for Agawam 'Soldier On' facility brings hope and homes to vets;

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Shout out to our project team on a job well done: 

James W. Culliton - PX/PM 

Rob Rosier - Superintendent 

Kelly Funk - Assistant PM  

SO dedication

SO dedication

SO dedication

SO dedication

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