30th Annual Paul & Niki Tsongas Awards “The Next Generation”

May 11, 2018


We're proud to announce that Lou E. Allegrone has been selected as a honoree for the 2018 Paul and Niki Tsongas awards to celebrate "The Next Generation" of leaders who will push preservation forward!



The theme for the 30th Annual Paul & Niki Tsongas Awards is “The Next Generation”.  It focuses on celebrating individuals and organizations who are standing on the cusp of the next phase of preservation. We are looking to honor those who are pushing the envelope and the preservation agenda, to expand and increase its use, understanding and application in our communities. We are looking at those who use preservation in innovative ways, making connections between traditional and new practices.  Those who are using preservation as a form of community engagement and commentary on social issues and cultural appreciation, those who are using its application to not only restoring historic structures but make something better for the future. Those who are creating links between the preservation communities and other groups celebrating art, community, culture, placemaking, health, wellness and vibrancy in our lives and environment.


Lou E. Allegrone is a fourth generation principal of the Allegrone Companies (consisting of Construction, Design, Masonry, and Real Estate) headquartered in Lenox, MA. Since returning to the Berkshires in 2004, Lou has been a leader in the company's rise from a predominantly Pittsfield based company with a small office staff, to the company they are today, headquartered in a 35,000 sf LEED certified, adaptive reused and retrofitted office space. The companies also have an office in Boston, MA, and jobsites located across the Berkshires and MA, as well as NY, CT, PA. 

Lou founded the company's development division that specializes in historical restoration. Utilizing his professional background in construction and real estate, Lou has successfully implemented the redevelopment of many of the Berkshire, MA's historic sites and structures into highly sought after attractive housing and mixed use spaces. Notable recent redevelopments include two early 1900's buildings called the Howard Building and Onota 74 that have contributed to the transformation of historic downtown Pittsfield. Similarly an early 1800's building known as the Walker House has been brought back to its historic facade while adaptively reusing into high end residences in the center of Lenox. 

“The preservation efforts of many have brought inspiration and awareness to others in our communities… that preserving and the adaptive reuse of our historic structures and spaces inherently delivers a profound economic impact while also connecting our arts, our cultures, and our people.

We hope to continue this holistic approach to build upon the story of each community’s heritage and encourage more private reinvestment to grow and sustain a vibrant community for future generations.”

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