Tower of Victory Wins 2018 New York State Historic Preservation Award

January 10, 2019

ToV Historic Awards

We are honored to receive the 2018 New York State Historic Preservation Awards for the rehabilitation of the 1887 Tower of Victory. A big thank you to Titan Roofing Inc. for working with us to protect and rejuvenate one of New York’s notable historic sites.


The Tower of Victory at Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site was built in 1887 to commemorate the peace following the Revolution War. The tower fell into disrepair after its roof was damaged by storm in the 1950s. A multi-decade restoration effort by the State Parks Palisades Region, the Palisades Park Conservancy, and local masons and construction companies saw the reconstruction of the roof, observation deck and conservation/ reinstallation of the several bronze statues.

ToV Historic Awards 1


ToV Historic Awards 2

For more information on the 2018 New York State Historic Preservation Awards, check out 

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